Profesora: Amy Porter


Amy Grace Porter / USA
Degree: M.Sc.
Course: English

Alex Pacheco Bustos Ana Cristina Tamayo Domínguez
EARTH’s faculty is a multi-cultural, world-class group of educators from 18 different countries with extensive teaching and research experience. Faculty are principally selected for their devotion to teaching, their prior experience in agriculture and their commitment to working with young people and members of the community to improve sustainable practices around the world.


Nico Evers, M.Sc.
4 steps for creating sustainable academic partnerships

Are you considering collaborating with one or more higher education partners to add value to your institution? In the rapidly changing global society, HEIs need academic partners to exchange people, ideas and methods, and institutional partnerships have become big business. But how do you create partnerships which are truly sustainable? Here, Nico Evers and Jenneke Lokhoff provide you with some essential tips based on the recommendations of experts in European-Asian partnerships.  Read more…