Alex Gustavo Pacheco Bustos / Colombia Grado: Ph.D en Ciencias Agrarias Curso: Bases Ecológicas para el Manejo de los Recursos Naturales


Alex Pacheco Bustos / Colombia
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: Ecological Bases for the Management of National Resources

Adriany Amorim Amy Grace Porter
EARTH’s faculty is a multi-cultural, world-class group of educators from 18 different countries with extensive teaching and research experience. Faculty are principally selected for their devotion to teaching, their prior experience in agriculture and their commitment to working with young people and members of the community to improve sustainable practices around the world.


Nico Evers, M.Sc.
Cultivating a sustainable future at EARTH


International education may be at its most unexpected – and its most effective – when offered to student populations who typically lack access to any form of higher education at all. As evidence, an agricultural university in Costa Rica’s Caribbean countryside is recruiting young leaders from underprivileged communities across the developing world and quietly cultivating agents of social change.
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