Alex Gustavo Pacheco Bustos / Colombia Grado: Ph.D en Ciencias Agrarias Curso: Bases Ecológicas para el Manejo de los Recursos Naturales


Alex Pacheco Bustos / Colombia
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: Ecological Bases for the Management of National Resources

Sergio Callau Alexander Mendoza Luna


Alex is a learning facilitator in the areas of Ecological Management of Natural Recourses and Controlled Agriculture since 2007. He has a Ph.D in Sustainable Agriculture and a Master’s in Natural Resources Management, both from Bonn University in Germany. He provides supports to the development of urban and familiar agricultural areas and the self-sufficiency program at the University and is also a coordinator of the tropical crops Work-Experience scenario. He has managed projects of community development and technological innovation as a sustainable production tool. He has experience in the creation and management of government private entity plans, with regards to diversification and conversion of agricultural zones affected by disadvantaged or post-conflict conditions. He has been part of strategic alliances made for international collaboration in the investigation of integral and sustainable productive systems in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Alex’s research areas are: plants communication, sustainable production tools, photo stimulation with LED Technology, vegetable adaptation to the humid tropics and soil phytoremediation. He has experience implementing productive projects in educational platforms. He is also a consultant in ecotourism, in the conversion towards sustainable certifications with a wide experience in commercial production of exportable vegetables, under EUREGAPP certification standards.

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