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In the heart of the Caribbean region in the Costa Rican rainforest, and in the middle of an University with a mission of creating leaders who promote the growth of properous societies, your organization can host activities of the highest level.

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PEP Facilities

Here are some of the facilities we offer:


In the Permanent Education Program (PEP) you will find lodging made up of four buildings with eight rooms each – four in the first level and four in the second level, for a total of 32 single, double or triple occupation rooms.
Each room has twin or full-sized beds, hot water (heated by solar panels), hair drier, ceiling fan, closet and land-line phone, while corner rooms also enjoy a small terrace.
Our lodge also has an independent energy generator in case there is loss of power in our campus.

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PEP Lobby


Apartment and FIO Lodges

We also offer an apartment located near the B apartments in the residence area in EARTH. It is fully equipped with a, TV, stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and kitchen utensils. The apartment has four rooms: two double-occupation and two triple-occupation, two full bathrooms, living room, laundry room and a terrace.

Visitors can also stay at the FIO Lodges, near the main entrance to the campus. This area is made up of two buildings with four rooms with 2 bunk-beds each, for a total occupancy of 32 people. The buildings also offer kitchen and meeting areas.

All of our installations include free Wi-Fi.

Classrooms and conference rooms

In the Guacimo campus, PEP offers one classroom for 25 people and one for 30 people. Both include audio-visual equipment, ceiling fans, modular tables and a terrace.
A conference room is also available that can fit up to 150 people, or 75 if divided in two parts. The room has AC, modular tables, sound booth for interpreters, audiovisual and multimedia equipment.

Sala de conferencias

Conference room

These rooms include free WiFi and a backup generator in case there is a power outage, as well as a personal AV technical assistant during the events.

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The Stable and the “Ranchón”

Near the PEP offices and the classrooms/conference rooms, there is a wide, covered area ideal for serving meals during events.
For special occasions like lunch or dinner gatherings, the Stable (El Establo) is also available. It can fit up to 200 and is located near the Guacimo campus’ main entrance.

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PEP also has a 15-person vehicle to transport groups to and from different locations, including the airport.

PEP (Permanent Education Program)

In 1989, thanks to the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, EARTH created the Permanent Education Program (PEP). PEP serves as bridge between the University and its surrounding communities, supports the continual learning process of our alumni and coordinates seminars, conferences, educational tourism and the Institution’s community outreach program.

PEP Manager:
Karla Molina / PEP Reservations
Phone: +506 2713-0000 ext 5002
Fax: +506 2713-0005