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In 2010, the German Ministry of the Environment donated €1 million to develop a collaboration between EARTH and The Renewables Academy in Berlin to build a teaching lab on renewable

energy (solar, thermal, eolic, geothermal, hydraulic, energy efficiency and biomass) on the EARTH University campus; to bring a German professor to EARTH to teach on the subject in 2011-2013; and to offer

trainings both in Central America and Germany.

REN@EARTH is part of the International Climate Initiative (ICI). Under the ICI, funding is
provided for climate protection projects in developing countries, newly industrialising
countries and the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Germany has thereby
created a unique and innovative mechanism for financing climate protection.

This project will promote education and training in cutting-edge renewable energy technology adapted for small-scale applications for the communities of the region.  The renewable energy laboratory at EARTH will be the first of it’s kind in Central America.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Bert Kohlmann 
Research coordinator
EARTH University
+506 2713-0000 x 3130