Through its Educational Tourism Program, EARTH-La Flor offers meaningful educational experiences, which integrate ecological, agricultural, scientific, social, entrepreneurial and cultural components.

Through informal educational programs, we offer open spaces and hands-on activities that enable you to learn more about new cultures, languages, environmental conservation and sustainability.

We tailor programs to serve each visiting group’s unique needs. We specialize in helping:

  • Programs for both Costa Rican and international high school students: We develop outside-the-classroom study programs, including: English or Spanish language programs, homestays with host families in rural communities, adventure sports, and explorations of flora and fauna in protected areas.
  • Programs for both Costa Rican and international university students: Share educational experiences with EARTH students and join in their Work Experience course and community service. We offer exchange opportunities with professors, students and University partners.
  • Business retreats: We plan your business meetings while you enjoy this excellent setting in which to build relationships and foster team-building. At the same time, enhance your team’s productivity and help your employees develop skills.


EARTH-La Flor offers a conference room, a multi-purpose room, student dormitories, apartments for professors or tour group leaders, its own transportation services, a cafeteria, pool, athletic facilities and walking paths. We also have a Science Center donated by the U.S. Embassy that provides library and informational resources, a computer lab and video conferencing equipment. In addition, the campus features wireless Internet available free of charge 24 hours a day.

We take care of all the logistics, permits, transportation, lodging, dining services and tours both on and off campus.


“Thanks to all for your hospitality and help. As always, we felt right at home, thanks to your warmth…”

Deborah and the Aquinas College group

“Thank you for organizing everything. You all have made it possible for us to explore Costa Rica and learn about sustainable practices here…”

Student from The Punahou School, Oahu, Hawaii

For more information and reservations:
Christofer Picado Quirós
Phone: (506) 2713 0000
Fax: (506) 2713 0001