The story of a curious boy

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Date: June 30th, 2022

Portrait of Javier.

Javier Ubilla (’24, Ecuador) was a curious boy. He liked to investigate topics that adults sometimes considered “strange” for a young child, and when he had the opportunity, he would excitedly explain to them a new idea or fact he had learned. There was a time when he was seven years old and told a family celebration that hippopotamuses secrete a red coloring through their skin that looks like blood and serves as a sunscreen. Javier spent his childhood this way, being a sponge thirsty for new knowledge to quench his curiosity. It’s the same even now, in his second year at EARTH University, where he immensely enjoys the academic courses that help him explain why things happen.

Artistic evening at EARTH.

When he finished high school, like many people, he wasn’t sure about what to do with his future. Years earlier, he had discovered his love and talent for music. Although part of him wanted to focus on that, his passion for science, biology, and contact with other people made him decide to study agronomy. His father, who had worked for some time with EARTH graduates, encouraged him to apply to the University and start a new adventure. His family has been essential throughout his studies – several members pay his full tuition and support him financially and emotionally.

Lab classes.

“A lot of times when you talk about paying full tuition, people think you live on a yacht or go to Taiwan on the weekends, but the reality is that I am here because of the combined effort of my family. That’s why I try to be the best version of myself, so all that effort pays off. I believe these things cannot measure a person’s humility. I couldn’t be more grateful to my family for everything they do for me,” says Javier.

He lives his life this way, grateful for every opportunity and taking advantage of everything that comes his way. Although Javier is young, he has a keen awareness of his abilities, his priorities in life, and his future. He knows he is good with people, is an eloquent and empathetic person, and can communicate easily with anyone. He knows that his grandmother Juana is his best friend and that his love motivates him to call her daily, strengthening their bond despite the distance. He knows that his mother had to leave her career for a while when he was little to be there for him. He also knows he wants to help others and work with communities to improve their quality of life. And he knows that he likes being constantly challenged to grow and improve.

Javier is an outstanding student due to his academic excellence.

The curious child who impressed adults with his witticisms, ideas and knowledge, is now a young man who amazes them with his kindness, his intelligence, his humility and his way of seeing the world. We are certain that Javier Ubilla, who today is more curious than ever, will achieve everything he sets his mind to.

If you want to listen to his music, you can click here.