Class of 2022-2025: A new generation of change leaders

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Date: January 31st, 2022

Our students representing their countries.

On January 17, the first-year students gathered to begin a four-year journey at EARTH that will lead them to grow tremendously as individuals and professionals. Following COVID-19 guidelines, they inaugurated the academic year, parading through the Guácimo Campus gymnasium, while carrying their countries’ flags and a myriad of dreams and goals that are already beginning to materialize. Students with academic excellence and exceptional performance from other graduating classes also attended the inaugural event to be recognized and celebrated by EARTH’s President and the Dean.

The Class of 2022-2025 comprises 118 young people.

The Class of 2022-2025 comprises 118 young people – 61 women and 57 men – representing 30 nations from the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. They went through a rigorous and personalized virtual selection process based on leadership potential, vocation, values, and social and environmental commitment. As in 2020, the Admissions Office made an enormous effort to gain access to rural areas with little connectivity, carry out a fair and effective process in pursue of the best people to join EARTH’s leaders of change.

Portrait of Melissa Moyo.

This year we are delighted to welcome a new country: Eswatini, a small country in southern Africa, represented by student Melissa Moyo.

“Today, we begin a new stage, full of new emotions, feelings, challenges, and adventures. Here is where we realize that life passes by in a blink of an eye, and in any time soon, we will be ready to graduate. That is why I invite you to enjoy, laugh, and relish every moment. On this special and unforgettable day for each of us, we feel honored to belong to a group of colleagues who have chosen to briefly leave their families and join the leaders of change at EARTH University,” said student Isabela Mazuera (’25, Belgium) as she welcomed her classmates.

At the event, 22 students from Classes 2022, 2023, and 2024 received the president’s academic honor for obtaining an annual weighted average of 9.5 points. The distinction goes to students who achieve scores of 8.5 or higher in all courses and have not had written reprimands and/or probations during the school year. These students are an example for those who have just begun their careers at our University.

At the January 17 ceremony, 118 young people sang the EARTH anthem for the first time and became forever sons and daughters of EARTH. Welcome home!