Welcome, new students! Goodbye, 2021 alumni!

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Date: September 30th, 2021

This month, the graduate-level distance Especialización en Energías Renovables (Specialization Program in Renewable Energies) welcomed its seventh generation of professionals interested in expanding their knowledge in the clean energy sector. The one-year specialization has an interdisciplinary approach that ranges from the management and development of U.S. projects to its financing and regulatory frameworks.

Proof of this is the sixth generation of alumni, who successfully completed the program in August, thus strengthening their professional career as well as increasing their network of contacts at an international level. We wish them success and strength to support and accelerate the global energy transition!

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation joins the alliance between EARTH University and the Renewables Academy (RENAC)  in Berlin, for a second consecutive year, with its regional program Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America, and will provide partial scholarships to those students who demonstrate enhanced performance throughout the program’s first semester.

If you plan a career in this sector and wish to learn the technological and economic aspects of planning and executing renewable energy projects, visit our site here for more details on the specialization, there’s still time to submit your application!