Remembering the Legacy of Two Great Professors

Date: July 23rd, 2021

Within the EARTH community, there are endless warm words to describe the legacy and the indelible mark that professors Pánfilo Tabora and Leslie Villalobos left in the hearts and memories of the graduates who passed through their classrooms. Both were characterized by their eternal smile and enormous humility. We can all agree: Pánfilo and Leslie were not only teachers, but also unconditional friends and an example to follow for those who crossed their paths.

Pánfilo was “El Maestro,” who played music during exams so that his students could concentrate. He was an extraordinary human being: passionate about the world of agronomy and a man dedicated to the service of others. There is no doubt about it: he was a tireless worker who taught with actions more than words. He was able to convey a feeling of transcendent peace, joy and positivity that flowed through those around him.

Leslie was the “Profe Buena Nota,” who humanized mathematics, who was in charge of turning this subject that for many was a severe “headache”, into a pleasant and simple learning experience, all through his way of starting class with his stories, and through his practical way of teaching that related naturally to daily life and agronomy.

Both will always be remembered for their love, their empathy, and their desire to make the world a better place.

They will live forever in our hearts!