Alliances for Community Development

Date: July 23rd, 2021

EARTH is always looking to create new alliances with different entities within and outside of Costa Rica in order to expand its work, bring about greater transformation in rural communities around the world, and give new opportunities to young people who carry with them the promise of becoming leaders of change.

President Arturo Condo signing the agreements.

In 2021, the participation of alumni has been crucial in creating new strategic connections with great potential for growth.

During the months of March and July, the University signed Framework Agreements with AGEARTH Ecuador and AGEARTH Colombia, respectively. The purpose of these agreements is to establish interinstitutional cooperation for activities including training, research, and technology and knowledge transfer to agricultural and livestock producers of different scales, as well as to different partners of both AGEARTHs.

This mutual support seeks to benefit society and generate economic resources that are dedicated to the University’s scholarship fund. We hope that these agreements grow in impact and endure for a long time to come. We have full confidence in the changes that will come about thanks to these efforts.

We’re looking forward to the results!

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