Celebrating 31 years of EARTH

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Date: March 30th, 2021

March 26, 2021, marks EARTH University’s 31st anniversary. That means more than three decades of advancing a humanist educational mission. That means 372 months of being a home to dreamers and doers from diverse cultures. That means 11,322 days of producing our benevolent bananas.

Portrait of some participants

Portrait of some participants

Our tropical community is a safe and trusting place where you will always encounter friendly faces and warm greetings. Those who pass through our campuses – as students, staff, professors, donors, and visitors – invariably find their hearts filled with el espíritu EARTH.

On March 24, we celebrated our beloved alma mater’s birthday. Despite the social distancing, this virtual event invited our inclusive and caring community to share in the joy of working daily to grow prosperity and justice around the world.

“Today, we gather to celebrate a challenging year that has led to great achievements,” said Arturo Condo, EARTH’s president, in his welcome address. “I recognize this celebration is different from the others we have had, but it is still special and necessary to remember all we have accomplished in 31 years of hard work, dedication, and collective effort.”

Everybody dedicated a special word to EARTH

Everybody dedicated a special word to EARTH

During the morning event, participants heard stories about the University’s past and attempted to describe EARTH in a single word. Many summarized it with “family”, “impact”, “leadership”, “perseverance”, “hope”, and “home”.

The space also enabled our community to express gratitude to the EARTH employees either nearing retirement or having worked for a multiple of five years. To Ramón González, vice president of operations, the appreciation and admiration felt for these devoted contributors was palpable – even through a computer screen.

While singing the EARTH anthem in closing, we honored our big, beautiful home and our colorful, committed family.


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