Director of e-Learning

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Date: January 22nd, 2021

EARTH is seeking a Director of e- Learning to develop e-learning content for tertiary educational institutions in the Mastercard Foundation network, with a specific focus on agricultural and rural development studies. EARTH University’s distinctive approach to educating young leaders and delivering academic content will be complemented with third-party e-learning expertise to develop high quality, inclusive and relevant e-learning courses. EARTH expects and hopes to collaborate with other MCF partner institutions in the development of this new content.

Rather than just digitizing existing courses (e.g., producing video of a professor’s lectures), we propose developing true e-learning experiences that can both supplement in-person studies and – over time – function as standalone educational streams. While we are very excited about the possibilities of the project details outlined below, we have a lot to learn through this project. As such, we look forward to discussing and considering adjustments to our proposed approaches in the next phase of co-creation with MCF and other partners. This is a tremendous opportunity for all involved to transform educational access, improve the learning experience as well as educational outcomes, and minimize disruption associated with the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

We propose two Focus Areas for this new e-learning content. It is anticipated that the content would include primarily topic fundamentals rather than advanced subject matter.

  • Agricultural Technical Skills: Focus on the professional skills needed to sustainably manage agricultural operations and precious natural resources. Example courses might include: animal science, natural resource and water management, renewable energy and crops management.
  • Fundamentals Accelerator: Focus on providing “catch-up” Math and Communications instruction to those students who did not receive high quality instruction in secondary school and need extra assistance to master the fundamentals, which are critical to many degree programs. There is existing, well-established e-learning content (e.g. – Khan Academy) available that will be leveraged for this Focus Area. The goal of this component would be to curate the best existing resources among what is available and to make this content available open-source for the beneficiaries of the program.


Key Responsibilities

  • Identify and Curate Best-in-Class Content
    • Identify the nature of the e-learning content and the needs and learning goals of the online learners (target groups).
    • Research the target groups: conduct surveys, interviews, social media polls, e-learning focus groups, others.
    • Identify skills (competences?) online learners need to develop to be more productive, for solving problems, challenges, etc.
    • Create outlines/mind maps for all the specific content that will be developed.
    • Research and register the use of reliable sources and verifiable information.


  • Produce e-learning Content
    • Identify the best model of content curation according to the identified needs, resources available and timeline (e.g. aggregation, distillation, elevation, other).
    • Identify the best learning modality and methods to teach each content.
    • Design the best strategy and method for access content: creation of data groups and categories (micro-learning, modules, courses, other).
    • Create the Instructional Design Document: master plan of the whole instructional approach of the courses to be implemented for the web designer.
    • Identify and create the best LMS and test if the courses are SCORM/XAPI, others compliant.
  • Test & Refine e-learning Content



  • Master’s degree in a relevant field related with e-learning
  • Demonstrated track record of at least 5 years of relevant experience in e-learning
  • A high degree of fluency in spoken and written English and advanced Spanish, with strong communication skills and report-writing experience
  • Excellent interpersonal relations skills and a team player
  • High degree of autonomy and initiative, able to work with minimal supervision while maintaining focus
  • Passion for the EARTH mission

EARTH offers:

  • A values-driven organization with a compelling mission
  • An opportunity to impact the lives of young people
  • An opportunity to influence the direction of the organization
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • A unique professional and personal learning opportunity

 Application Process

Please send a current CV and a letter explaining your interest and why you believe you are uniquely qualified for the position to: