Second-generation EARTH graduates

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Date: December 18th, 2020
Dennis, Euclides, Francisco and María José.

Dennis, Euclides, Francisco and María José.

When our doors first opened 30 years ago, EARTH University became the alma mater (Latin for “generous mother”) to hundreds of Central, South, and Caribbean American youths. Since then, many graduates have settled down to start and nurture their own families. It is not uncommon for their children – having witnessed how indelibly an EARTH education shapes lives – to want to emulate their parents, study agricultural science, and become leaders of change.

On Dec. 4, 103 of our students received their degrees, graduating as entrepreneurial agronomists. Four of them are second-generation EARTHianos.

María José Delgado Castillo (Costa Rica)

daughter of Oscar Delgado (’00, Costa Rica) & Jessica Castillo (’01, Costa Rica)

Graduates Oscar and Jessica with their children, Maria Jose now also a graduate.

Graduates Oscar and Jessica with their children, Maria Jose now also a graduate.

“My mom got pregnant with me when she was in second year. She left for a year and then came back. I’ve grown up beside my parents as they learned and navigated the many challenges that life brings. I’ve seen how they love and enjoy what they do every day and how our lives have improved because of it. Ever since I was a little girl attending EARTH fairs and graduation ceremonies, I always found the campus to be an incredible place. These many factors encouraged me to follow my parents’ footsteps and study agronomy at the same university. I believe that everyone in my family is proud because we all know that studying at EARTH means personal growth, positive change, and achieving dreams.”

Dennis Adrián Gutiérrez (Belize)

son of Francisco Gutiérrez (’XX, Belize)

“My dad gave me a childhood full of knowledge, diverse perspectives, and sage advice. This allowed me to visualize the changes our world has faced decade after decade. Being able to listen to and understand a fellow EARTHiano – one who is also my father – is something unique and very special to me; it is a window to endless opportunities and growth.”

Francisco Sáenz Granados (Costa Rica)

son of Cecilia Felicia Granados (’97, Costa Rica)

“After high school, I didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue, but I had already applied to the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Tecnológico Institute. Eventually, I got into the agronomy program, and I liked it a lot. As a result, my mother inspired me to apply to EARTH. Being the son of a graduate fills me with excitement since I know that, even though she has had to work very hard, she has been accomplishing her goals.”

Euclides Gaitán (Panama)

son of Abdiel Gaitán (’XX, Panama)

Euclides and Abdiel.

Euclides and Abdiel.

“Ever since I was little, my dad has been my role model. I could always see myself doing whatever he was doing: helping people, running his business. When I was old enough, I realized the best way to do what he did was to attend EARTH. To my dad and I, it´s a source of pride to be part of EARTH – and for me to be a second-generation graduate. Everything I learned at the University has enriched what we now have: a family-run environmental consultancy. EARTH has opened doors, expanded our family, and enabled both, my dad and me, to further develop as professionals and as individuals.”

Congratulations to every member of our great EARTH family!

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