EARTH alumni: Guiding the future

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Date: October 29th, 2020

EARTH alumni: Guiding the future

“EARTH turned my life around. More than just teaching me a profession,” says Joel Tejeda (’93, Honduras), a member of EARTH University’s pioneering cohort, “it gave me a special way of doing and seeing things.”

Joel’s daughter, Alicia Tejeda (’22, Honduras), sought a well-rounded, world-class education – like the one her father had received 30 years ago and has benefited from ever since.

Joel and Alicia Tejeda at Guácimo Campus.

Joel and Alicia Tejeda at Guácimo Campus.

I chose to study at EARTH because I have always looked up to my dad,” Alicia says. “He is knowledgeable about many subjects, and I have long admired how he earns the respect and trust of people because he truly understands what he is doing – and he does it well.”

When Alicia completed the admissions process and was accepted to EARTH, neither she nor her father could contain their joy. Other Honduran alumni joined in the celebration and offered Alicia plentiful advice about completing her paperwork and traveling to Costa Rica. They also shared their own EARTH memories and encouraged her to live the experience to the fullest.

That rapturous response made her feel like she was being welcomed into a new home, with siblings who cared deeply about guiding her along her new journey. EARTH graduates are not only trailblazers and leaders in their profession; they are mentors and helpers for new students.

Alicia is grateful for their diverse support. La Asociación de Graduados de Honduras (EARTH’s Honduran Alumni Association) organized a fundraising campaign to cover a portion of her tuition cost, adding to the partial scholarship Alicia had already earned.

“That feeling I got, when I learned I not only had been accepted to EARTH but was also receiving a scholarship from alumni, was amazing,” Alicia says. “The support they give, so others can enjoy the same experience they had at EARTH, honors the essence of who we are.”

Portrait of Alicia.

Portrait of Alicia.

Alicia plans to improve the lives of Hondurans, by dedicating herself to sustainable community development. She envisions a Honduras in which all people – regardless of their socioeconomic status – can access enriching opportunities like the ones she has been afforded.

The support provided by our alumni networks has enabled EARTH to continue funding the scholarships that many students need.

“As graduates, our commitment must be to uphold the spirit of our University. We must support it to the best of our ability, set a good example, and be guides for all the new students who need assistance,” Joel adds. “We must then follow up, help them grow, and integrate them into this chain of positive actions.”

Two months from now, our Class of 2024 will arrive in Guácimo, Costa Rica, to start their studies at EARTH.

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