Norman Mugisha: Taking the Initiative – Providing Food for Families in Rwanda

Date: April 17th, 2020

Norman Mugisha (‘18, Rwanda) founded a social project based in Kigali, Rwanda that trains and helps rural youth create their own sustainable businesses in agriculture, reducing rural youth unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to this, Norman started a campaign to develop a food bank for vulnerable families impacted by COVID-19.

At first, Norman funded this initiative by himself, but he has now recruited others to join his effort through social media. By early April, this relief campaign had collected food for 170 families.

Norman reflects: “This experience means everything to me because I understand how it feels for a parent seeing his or her children starving. I didn’t have much to give for vulnerable families to help them access food and others basic needs during this lockdown, but I decided to share the little I had. I appreciate all my friends that reached out to me and supported my initiative so that we can stand with each other during these difficult moments. It’s also a pleasure for me to stand with the government of Rwanda in finding solutions for the citizens during these days. At one moment, I cried because one of the families we supported with food called me while crying with tears of appreciation because they had spent a significant time without food. I’m grateful that we have been able to support vulnerable families and we will continue.

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