New entrepreneurial skills from now and on

Date: April 2nd, 2020

The humanistic vision of education demand to a strengthening of ethical principles and values in the process of learning, because society’s success depends on them more than ever. Entrepreneurial skills alone do not transform leaders but values do. Furthermore, there is a large consensus that some entrepreneurial skills are: 1) proactivity and risk-taking, 2) growth orientation, 3) networking skills, 4) leadership, 5) opportunity recognition skills, 6) strategic skills, 7) cooperation, 8) systems thinking, 9) interdisciplinary work, 10) innovativeness. However, there there is no consensus in terms of values needed to transform leaders. The current Pandemic has revealed that from 1-4 entrepreneurial skills are valid mostly in a “normal” setting for any manager in any industry. However, since the world has changed forever, the other six entrepreneurial skills could be the reference from now and on.

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