Thank-A-Thon: A time to say ‘gracias’

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Date: February 28th, 2020

In a bright room with long tables, EARTH University students take their places. The occasion: EARTH’s annual Thank-A-Thon.

In front of the students are telephones, postcards, and a list of names. Those names are of the altruistic people who have made a donation so that our students can be where they are – on the campus they call home. This is a day to reflect, express gratitude, and say thank you. They dial up donors from various countries, people who discovered EARTH in different ways and were inspired to give. They thank the alumni who donate because they know, from their own experience, the outsized impact they can make by supporting the University. They thank the staff members who not only labor for the Institution but also donate because they, too, believe in the dreams of future agronomists.

During the event, students call donors from all over the world.

During the event, students call donors from all over the world.

The students thank everyone and share about their experiences at EARTH, about all they have learned. They excitedly describe what they intend to do when they finish their degree and return to their respective countries – full of innovative ideas and eager to lead sustainable community development initiatives.

EARTH is a non-profit university that welcomes more than 100 new students each year. More than 80 percent of them come from rural areas and developing nations. Before they can begin their education at EARTH, each young person must go through a rigorous selection process, demonstrate their leadership potential, and commit to the community from which they come. They must also be matched with donors who will generously fund their intensive, hands-on education.

EARTH’s financial operations are carefully conducted to ensure the efficient fulfillment of the University’s mission and purpose. The EARTH University Foundation – located in Atlanta, USA – stewards the funds sourced by global donations. The offices of Development and Alumni Relations work to invite more people to become part of our work through giving. One of Development’s efforts is the “Yo soy parte de este sueño” (I am part of this dream) campaign – which, since 2013, has included the participation of 65 percent of the University’s employees. The funds raised were used to create the EARTH Scholarship Fund, which has already benefited more than 100 students.

Our Thank-A-Thon is held so that students can personally thank those who have donated to their education. The entire EARTH community is grateful for each and every contribution from those who value our work and enable us to continue and expand.

¡Gracias por todo!

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