We Are One: A project’s message of hope for the planet

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Date: September 27th, 2019

In April, Moana Van Der Maesen and Hiroana Putoa left their home in Tahiti and headed to Easter Island (Chile) – the first stop on an extraordinary adventure.

Another destination on their itinerary was Costa Rica. They were drawn to the Central American country’s sustainable identity, widespread renewable energy generation, expansive conservation areas, and pro-environmental laws. Naturally, they found themselves at EARTH University.

Picture of two men smiling, behind them a building

Moana Van Der Maesen and Hiroana Putoa

They see EARTH as a utopia, a global village nurturing people from countless nations and making change through their sharing and learning.

“This is a place of peace that has inspired us,” Moana says. “Without a doubt, the world needs more universities like EARTH. It is a light of hope within so much darkness fueled by the environmental crisis.”

The French Polynesian environmentalists refer to their journey as We Are One.

“This is the project of two young Tahitians who have the dream of saving their country,” Moana adds. “We have seen the consequences of climate change such as the rising sea level and temperature, coral bleaching, and the presence in the sea of plastics from other countries.”

The duo’s vision is to share with the rest of the world the sustainable practices that have been successfully implemented in other places while trumpeting a message of environmental consciousness.

We Are One is the call of a nation in need of others’ help. We believe that every person can have an impact regardless of their reality,” Hiroana says. “We want to reconnect people with nature and each other – and, in doing so, show that we are one.”

Their project invites everyone to take action and believe in their abilities.

“We should exchange knowledge in order to find real, change-making solutions,” Hiroana adds. “Of course, there are many obstacles along the way, but we can overcome.”

Both emphasize the necessity of reconnecting people with nature in order to understand that the world is one. They promote the values of love and hope as the primary means by which to achieve their goals.

Picture of 3 men walking outdoors, behind them a tree and a building

Moana Van Der Maesen, Hiroana Putoa and Arnoldo Ávila (Organic Production Academic Unit manager)

During their stay at EARTH, the two explored the campus’s integrated organic farm, innovative research, and diverse sustainable-development initiatives. They also presented their project to the EARTH community – likeminded folks from more than 40 countries who are spearheading their own projects to advance environmental solutions, ensure prosperity, and boost life quality for all on the planet.

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