Celebrating World Car-Free Day

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Date: September 25th, 2018

Driving environmental change can necessitate leaving your car parked. The EARTH University community did just that on September 20, continuing its annual support of World Car-Free Day.


World Car-Free Day aims to decrease global automobile emissions for 24 hours, in a symbolic gesture of giving the planet a moment to breathe easily.

On campus in Guácimo, a number of special activities brought out students, staff, faculty and visitors to raise consciousness around the need to reduce fossil fuel consumption and advocate for renewables.

EARTH’s Environmental Action Unit sponsored a competition in which alternative forms of transportation were festooned with reclaimed materials and paraded around – accompanied by toe-tapping music, of course. 25 community members and university offices exhibited their decorated electric golf carts, bicycles and more through the open-air halls of campus.

The winning vehicle featured a giant, papier-mâché “staff member” who shared the following message:

Autos decorados

Pericla Recicla

Pericla Recicla

“My mission is to help EARTH to continue educating people that not all waste is trash and that the key is learning to properly classify and recycle. Remember: All containers (glass, metal, plastic) go in the blue bin, whose color can remind you to rinse things out before depositing. The green bin should remind you of the earth; in this bin, place all organic wastes that can be converted into compost for our farms. In the gray bin – whose color calls to mind the ink on a newspaper – place papers and cardboard. And in the black bin goes all the rest.”

II Feria de Equipos de Eficiencia Energética y Fuentes Alternas de Energía

Second Energy Efficiency and Alternative Sources Fair

Additionally, the second Energy Efficiency and Alternative Sources Fair took place, featuring the participation of several companies, such as vendors of innovative technology for home and garden and financial institutions offering lines of credit for those eager to implement the new technology.

The day closed with informative talks on topics such as renewables in ag, hybrid technology systems, and electric vehicles.

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