Costa Rica rewards recycling with “Ecolones”

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Date: May 2nd, 2018

Starting this month, people living in Costa Rica have the opportunity to earn virtual cash for simply recycling. Numerous businesses throughout the country, from movie theaters to restaurants, have teamed up to redeem “Ecolones” for discounts, coupons and other prizes.

The initiative seeks to promote the culture of at-home recycling among residents and give more value to reclaimable wastes, in addition to fortifying Costa Rica’s eco-friendly identity.

Commonly trashed items can be exchanged for Ecolones at sites within the initiative’s collection network.

How to earn:

  1. Clean out and separate all recyclable wastes: plastic, glass, tetrapack, aluminum.
  2. Visit, create an account, and locate the collection site nearest you.
  3. Drop off your separated recyclables at the site, then receive an email with the point value you’ve earned.
  4. Review your virtual wallet to know how many points you have.
  5. Cash in your saved Ecolones for use in the online catalog that features products and experiences from affiliated businesses.

Countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Chile already have similar reward systems in place for recycling.

Recycle, otherwise you’re throwing away money!


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