28 years as EARTH

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Date: April 20th, 2018

This month marks 28 years of quality education and dream cultivation at EARTH University. To celebrate the Institution’s birthday, known as Hijos de la Tierra Day on campus, a collaborative-learning experience was held earlier this week.

More than 800 student and staff attendees were shuffled into 31 groups, before being assigned a distinct campus department – such as IT, cafeteria services, communications or landscaping, among many others – at which to spend the morning. The department leaders remained in their respective workspace to welcome the ‘temps’ and to explain their unit’s day-to-day operations. The activity afforded participants a deeper understanding of the functions of other units and the daily contributions of fellow EARTHians.

“I really liked learning about what everyone else does and that others got to learn about what I do every day,” said Blanca Granados, a laundry center staff member.

In the afternoon, participants enjoyed a colorful circus show along with the conferral of employment-anniversary recognitions honoring EARTH faculty and staff – some with 30 years of dedication – and those retiring this year.

Browse the day’s photos here.

As part of the collaborative-learning activity, this note was produced by EARTH student Judith Nieto (’19, Ecuador) and staff member Marianela Castro of the research laboratory.


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