New year, new format: EARTH Multicultural Fair

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Date: March 22nd, 2018

This year, EARTH University’s Multicultural Fair is revamping its schedule. Formerly brought to life on a single weekend, the Fair will be split into two separate Sunday events, in two different months.

A taste of culture

The EARTH Gastronomic and Cultural Fair – slated for June 3 – serves up the perfect dish for your family: an opportunity to celebrate the multiculturalism within our diverse community. Get a taste of the traditions of 12 nations, through their cuisines, crafts, dances, music and more. (Psst…This is your chance to enjoy Costa Rican chifrijo, Salvadoran pupusas, and African jolof rice, among other delicacies.) The day will also include large outdoor concerts.

Want to be a vendor at the Fair? Send an email to Katherine Cuarezma ( with details about your business, your contact information, and an explanation of how your high-quality product(s) align with EARTH’s mission of promoting social welfare and environmental betterment. The central committee will review your application. Approved vendors will receive an invitation to participate.

A rush of adrenaline

The EARTH Challenge event – slated for July 22 – will get your heart pumping with various sporting competitions and recreational gatherings. Perhaps you’d like to hop on your bicycle to ride past some of the University’s most noteworthy sites? Or, would you prefer to burn some calories by grooving to Latin beats at free Zumba sessions? Choose your preferred activity from a long list. A health expo and kids activities will also be scheduled. Typical Costa Rican foods will be available to all participants.

Mission-focused, since day one

Even though the Fair’s format has evolved, the mission at its heart remains the same. All proceeds from the events’ ticket and food sales will go toward purchasing roundtrip airfare, lodging and food for the parents of fourth-year students to watch their son or daughter receive their diploma at the EARTH University graduation ceremony in Guácimo, Costa Rica.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page during the coming weeks for more details about the events, concert performers, entrance costs and more.

Thanks to the following EARTH students leading the program:

Thanks to the following EARTH students leading the program:

María José Oconitrillo (’18, Costa Rica) / General coordination
Steve Calvo (’18, Costa Rica) / Sponsorships
Ericka Moreno (’18, Ecuador) / Finances
Maddalena Bettoni (’18, Italia) / Gastronomy
Cristian Ixcayau (’18, Guatemala) / General co-coordination
Charlyn Masís (’18, Costa Rica) / Publicity
Edison Doylet (’18, Ecuador) / Stands
Marc Roldy Presumé (’18, Haití) / Waste management
Joao Dos Santos (’18, Brasil) / Logistics and supplies
Josué Madriz (’18, Costa Rica) / Cycling
Jeremy Bravo (’18, Ecuador) / Events

See you on campus!

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