EARTH finalizes its first C-neutral verifications in Europe

Date: December 26th, 2017

This month, Happy Network and SDR srl became the first European businesses verified as C-neutral by EARTH University’s Carbon Neutral Unit.

The verification bid was led by Tomaso De Nicolò y Alberto Zicari, two engineers from Bari, Italy, who visited EARTH’s Guácimo campus in April for training on the subject. Their work was supervised by Edmundo Castro, director of the Unit at EARTH.

Both businesses submitted to a rigorous process to obtain the verification, including emissions accounting for their diesel and gasoline use, heating and air conditioning equipment, employee transportation, and electrical consumption, among other indicators.

Bepi Constantino – honorary consul of Costa Rica in Bari and director of development in Europe for EARTH University – played an integral role in connecting the entities to the University.

Happy Network is a European business network that seeks to promote synergies, projects and opportunities for the growth and development of different companies.

SDR srl Silvio Dello Russo is a printing and packaging supply company serving the market of southern Italy. Its operational electricity is produced by 100-percent renewable sources.

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