“Hijos de la Tierra” mural design contest

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Date: July 10th, 2017

As part of the Hijos de la Tierra celebration, our annual commemoration of EARTH University’s inaugural academic year, we are seeking design proposals for the creation of a mural in the Rectoria of our Guácimo campus. This mural (measuring 9.7 m x 2.5 m or 31.8 ft x 8.2 ft) will be one piece of an ongoing project aimed at using central campus spaces to create awareness on environmental and sociocultural issues, as well as promote creativity and collaborative thinking.

Since our University’s founding, we have associated being an hijo de la tierra (daughter/son of the earth) with a set of values, knowledge and actions that inspire positive change in the lives of others and the environment. Our hope is that this work of art proudly showcases our community’s values: biodiversity, multiculturalism, shared humanity, education and sustainable agriculture, among others.
All design proposals must be submitted between July 10 and Sept. 8, 2017. A committee comprised of EARTH students, faculty and staff members will evaluate all entries. The winner, announced mid-September, will be awarded a prize of U.S. $1,000 and have her/his artwork unveiled during graduation week festivities in December.

The contest will be broadcast today through EARTH’s website and Spanish-language social media channels. We hope to see talents from our University campus and the public alike submitting proposals.
Please visit www.earth.ac.cr/muralhijosdelatierra (website in Spanish) for all rules and project details.

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