Sindy Ramos (’16, Guatemala) is the winner of the 2016 Sustainability Prize

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Date: December 20th, 2016

The MasterCard Foundation Scholar Sindy Ramos was awarded during graduation week, the 2016 Sustainability Prize for her project that produces and markets crafts made of banana fiber waste by rural women in Guatemala.

As part of the prize, Sindy will receive $10,000 that she will use as seed investment to implement her project, with $1,000 earmarked for her home-town school in Guatemala, Escuela Nacional Central de Agricultura (National Central Agricultural School), located in Barcena, Villa Nueva, Guatemala.

Sindy ('16, Guatemala) at a presentation during graduation week.

Sindy (’16, Guatemala) at a presentation during graduation week.


The prize is sponsored by The Sustainability Laboratory and recognizes the graduation project that better incorporates the Five Core Principles of Sustainability: the material domain, the economic domain, the domain of life, the social domain and the spiritual domain. These principles were developed by Dr. Michael Ben-Eli, founder of the Laboratory, and main theme of the yearly seminar he teaches to third and fourth year students at the university. EARTH and Thee Sustainability Laboratory share a holistic vision of sustainability, seeking a balance between human activities and food production, incorporating conservation and environmental protection.

We invite you to read the summary of the project, and also how she is working towards selling her products on

Congratulations, Sindy!

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