World Summit adventure tourism company seeks carbon neutrality verification in Costa Rica

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Date: August 2nd, 2016

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  • Ríos Tropicales and the Network of Private Nature Reserves organized an event that will allow volunteers in Costa Rica to join the cause 
  • The Carbon Neutral Unit of EARTH University will verify the event

(San Jose, July 2016) On August 19, Costa Rica will be host to the International Carbon Neutral Project Alaska-Costa Rica, which seeks to achieve carbon neutrality at the annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) by planting 5,000 native trees. The summit, which is recognized worldwide for promoting sustainable and successful business and adventure activities, will take place on September 19 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

The activity consists of planting 5,000 trees including native species such as almond, pylon, turkey tail, and others in the “Las Terciopelos” Farm located in Bajos del Tigre in Santa Marta de Siquirres, Limón.

An event such as this one requires extensive logistical planning, and therefore the support of likeminded companies who, like Ríos Tropicales, are focused on the sustainability of the planet, is fundamental.

The costs that are included for each of the 200 volunteers include transportation that leaves San Jose at 5:30 am, a breakfast in the operations center “El Cairo”, a box lunch for after completion of the planting, and transportation back to San Jose at approximately 2:00 pm. It is recommended that the volunteers bring bug repellent, sunscreen, a rain jacket, and a water bottle.

Rafael Gallo, president of Ríos Tropicales and the Costa Rican Network of Private Nature Reserves, has organized this event and will also represent Costa Rica at the ATWS. He will officially present the carbon neutrality certificates, and will also be giving a talk on how they achieved carbon neutrality verification from EARTH University by using the standards laid down by ISO 14064-3.

For an event or organization to achieve carbon neutrality, it is necessary first to make a carbon inventory. This inventory lets you know how much GHG emissions are produced by the event or company, and from there one can determine what actions are needed to reduce or remove the emissions, including tree planting.

This event is organized by the Costa Rican Network of Private Nature Reserves and EARTH University.

 Who can join the volunteer planting group?

There is no cost to participate in the event. You only need to register as a volunteer through before Friday August 12. You will receive all the necessary information upon making your registration.

If you need further information, please email Rafael Gallo at or call him at 8398-7676.

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