2016 EARTH Multicultural Fair attracts more than 7,000 visitors to campus

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Date: June 23rd, 2016
Costa Rican EARTH students entertained guests with traditional folk dances

Costa Rican EARTH students entertained guests with traditional folk dances

The University opened its doors to the public from June 4-5 for the 2016 EARTH Multicultural Fair, which attracted around 7,500 visitors this year.

This year, our fourth-students organized a total of four concerts. Saturday featured local groups 20 Cañas and Percance, and on Sunday, the crowds san along to popular national acts Marfil and Sonámbulo Pscicotropical.

The Fair also provided zumba clases, tractor tours around campus, bouncy castles, and, most importantly, a wide variety of authentic international dishes prepared by our students. Attendees chose among foods like Peruvian ceviche, Costa Rican chifrijo, and Caribbean rice and beans from Haiti, in addition to North American desserts like apple pie, lemon meringue and brownies.

On Saturday, EARTH students and professors took guests on a guided walk throughout campus and on Sunday, more than 1,600 people participated in the recreational cycling event.

Marfil and Sonámbulo Psicotropical

Marfil and Sonámbulo Psicotropical

The goal of the EARTH Multicultural Fair is to raise funds to help pay travel costs for relatives of graduating students to attend the commencement ceremony in December. Last year, proceeds from the Fair made it possible for 65 family members to fly to Costa Rica, and covered the costs of their plane ticket, immigration processes, food and lodging for a week.

Check out photos from this year’s EARTH Multicultural Fair here.

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