APM Terminals Moín will be certified carbon neutral before beginning operation

Date: April 8th, 2016

Since before operations began, Moín Containers, a franchise of APM Terminals, has proposed to strive for carbon neutrality and to support the international and local commitment to “Costa Rica’s Carbon Neutral Country Program 2007”.

In order to achieve this, APM Terminals signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement with EARTH University on April 4, 2016, through which both parties will unite their common interests and objectives with training activities focused on the environment and renewable energy.

The duration of this agreement is two years, but may eventually be extended if both parties agree to do so.

Both APM Terminals and EARTH University work on community development projects and initiatives that improve Costa Rica’s social, economic, and environmental conditions.

EARTH University President José Zaglul states that, “Since 1990, EARTH has established a partnership with companies who also aim to contribute to the country’s sustainability and responsible development, particularly in the province of Limón. For this reason, it is an honor for EARTH to reinforce its commitment to sustainability. We are pleased to accompany APM Terminals in its goal towards carbon neutrality and at the same time support Costa Rica’s goals. We firmly believe in the possibility of a more sustainable and prosperous province.”

Multiple Objectives

Thanks to this Framework Cooperation Agreement, technical competencies and regulations regarding climate change mitigation (including but not limited to the ISO 14064 and the INTE 120106) have been strengthened.

The agreement also seeks to achieve environmental awareness, promote carbon footprint management and conduct technical training on the issue of carbon neutrality for both the company and its social circles.

The Process

“Efforts like these demonstrate that private enterprises can contribute significantly to achieve carbon neutrality in a target country. As part of APM Terminal’s process to achieve carbon neutrality, the company is committed to: conducting an inventory of greenhouse gases (GHG) emission targets, set/remove GHG and manage the corresponding GHG information,” explained Edmundo Castro, director of the Carbon Neutral Unit at EARTH University.

In addition, this agreement will project the joint efforts of EARTH University and APM Terminals to other organizations so that the province can develop actions towards sustainability.

About APM Terminals

APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network that includes 20,600 employees in 59 countries with interests in 64 ports and terminals and six projects under development, for a total of 135 ground logistics centers around the world. The company oversees port management and terminal operations for more than 60 shipping lines and ports and a wide range of local inland transport services and cargo around the world, and play a central role in world trade and logistics.

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