EARTH receives students and professors from the University of Missouri

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Date: June 18th, 2015
Visitors from the University of Missouri and EARTH University staff.

Visitors from the University of Missouri together with EARTH University staff.

As part of an effort led by EARTH alumnus Dr. Francisco Aguilar, professor of Forestry at the University of Missouri, a group of professors, students and professionals from the forestry industry join us this week on campus for a comprehensive trip as part of an initiative on the Internationalization of Forestry Education, Research and Extension: US-Costa Rica Cooperation. The group is made up of Lisa Allen from the  Missouri Department of Conservation; Touria Eaton, Assistant Professor at Lincoln University; Benjamin Knapp, Assistant Professor of Forestry at University of Missouri; Bill Allen, Assistant Professor of Science Journalism at University of Missouri and Forestry students Thomas Robert Hellauer, Kristopher Dalton Corbett and Daniel Jeffery Westrich”. (In the picture they are joined by EARTH Professor of Tropical Crops, Jorge Arce; Teaching Assistant Dianna Durán, and Stephanie Morris, intern at the Office of International Academic Relations).

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