Participants wanted for short course in Global Master’s in Health and Sustainable Development

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Date: March 31st, 2015

GlobalmastersengSince announcing our Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2013, EARTH University and the Faculty of Health Sciences of the American University of Beirut have developed a groundbreaking Global Master’s program in Health and Sustainable Development. A pilot version of the Global Master’s is being offered this summer over 3-4 weeks in the form of a condensed course titled “Global Health and Sustainable Development Post 2015 – A New Approach to Natural Resources Management”. This summer course will contribute to fine-tuning the model for th the full (18 months) Global Master’s program that is expected to be launched around September 2016. It will also provide participants a one-of-a-kind transdisciplinary learning experience that will help them to expand their intercultural competencies, allow them to interact with professionals from around the world, and to acquire a deep understanding of managing natural resources in the post-2015 development era.

This course will be offered From June 23 to July 18, 2015 to a select group of 15 students from around the globe. The $800 participation fee is just a fraction of the total cost of the program and covers travel, room, board and transportation in both Costa Rica and Lebanon for the duration of the course. Note: The application deadline is April 15, 2015.

For more information or to apply for the summer course, visit  this link.

Who should apply to this course?

Individuals currently working in:
• Ministries of Health, Environment, Agriculture, Social Affairs, Energy, Planning, Finance, and other relevant ministries
• Governmental and non-governmental health agencies
• UN agencies
• International and local NGOs
• International development agencies
• Private sector (CSR) & self-employed individuals
• Foundations and philanthropists

What are the admission requirements?

• English proficiency
• Completed undergraduate or master’s degree (any field)
• Two years of work experience (minimum)
• Ability to travel
• Ability to work in a group
• Demonstrated leadership skills
• Social entrepreneurship mentality
• Commitment to community work


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    Será ministrado en inglés?

  2. Francesca Fiorio says:

    Buenas. Quisiera saber si la Maestría esta vigente. Muchas gracias.

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