EARTH University alumnus elected to the executive board of the UN Clean Development Mechanism

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Date: January 20th, 2014

On November 12, 2013, EARTH alumnus Daniel Ortega Pacheco, PhD (’03, Ecuador) was elected to the executive board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations (UN) for the year 2014. The CDM ensures the fulfillment of carbon emission reduction targets for industrialized nations and encourages the sustainable development of developing countries through access to technology and investments in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, the landmark international treaty that aims to reduce dangerous greenhouse gases.

Daniel Ortega Pacheco ('03, Ecuador) participates in a meeting of the United Nations.

As a member of the CDM executive board, Daniel’s goal is to “Ensure that the CDM benefits are distributed fairly in different regions and all developing countries and to guarantee transparency and effective functioning of the CDM.”

Daniel is also the Undersecretary for Rights and Guarantees at the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has previously held various other positions in the Ecuadorian government. After graduating from EARTH, he earned a M.Sc. degree in Environmental and Resource Economics from Michigan State University and later a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management from Ohio State University.

When asked how EARTH has influenced his career, Daniel remarks, “Without a doubt, EARTH’s vision of service as a way to achieve change and benefit the neediest areas and sectors of our countries has helped me as a professional. Additionally, the exposure to a multicultural environment allowed me to interact with agents of change from many regions who share the conviction to seek better days for our people.”



  1. Tania Casaya says:

    Congratulations!… I feel proud of you and some other colleagues who are making the difference in the agricultural worldwide situation…I agree with you when you mention that EARTH’s philosophy give us a strong and significant vision of what we can do better for our communities. Keep on going!

  2. Reina Ortiz says:

    Muchas felicidades, este es el fruto de la preparacion en EARTH, son grandes lideres.

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