Second year students organize EARTH’s first livestock auction

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Date: November 27th, 2013

Members of the entrepreneurial project EMPROGACE hard at work in the fields.

On November 16, EARTH University held its first-ever livestock auction, an event that was organized entirely by 16 second-year students as part of their Entrepreneurial Projects. During the auction the students successfully sold all 47 cows and bulls for sale, earning more than $24,000 dollars in profits. More than 100 people attended the event, including support staff, students, tourists and buyers.

The planning for the auction started in July, when the three Entrepreneurial Project teams with livestock projects, Offspring, T&C Ranch and EMPROGACE, decided to work as a team to create the auction with guidance from EARTH staff and faculty. The organizers gained invaluable experience in event planning, legal processes, price negotiation and customer relations, and demonstrated the principles of innovation, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit that define EARTH students.

Didier Bolaños (‘15, Colombia) of EMPROGACE was the coordinator of infrastructure and logistics for the auction, and predicts that the success of their experiment will have positive implications in the near future for EARTH.

An example of the high-quality cattle offered at EARTH's first livestock auction.

“Now that we are seeing the results, the students from first year are thinking about consolidating the livestock businesses for next year and doing the second livestock auction at EARTH. It really is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn,” he remarked.


  1. Kenet Bolívar says:

    Excelente iniciativa felicidades muchachos y muchachas.

  2. David Villegas says:

    Muy bacano, Felicitaciones!!!

  3. Lus says:

    Excelente y sigan adelante; “se hace camino al andar”. Cada generación aporta para las futuras.

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