EARTH promotes the commercialization of plantains in El Triunfo

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Date: October 2nd, 2013

On September 10th, a meeting was held between various representatives of the agricultural sector to determine the future of the Business Center for Agricultural Processing and Marketing (CEPROMA) in the El Triunfo community in Cariari de Pococi, Costa Rica.

Present at the meeting were representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), the National Production Board (CNP), the Rural Development Institute (INDER) and EARTH University.

They discussed two proposals, one being presented by EARTH and the CEPROMA administration to convert the existing CEPROMA building into a business center for the commercialization of platains, the most widely-grown crop in the community. This initiative was well received by most of the representatives and was presented to the MAG, which decided to incorporate the proposal into their regional planning.
EARTH University works side-by-side with the communities of El Triunfo and Verdetica, facilitating the organization of the two communities, advising on production processes, and organizing second-year students to work with farmers.

Fabian Campos, manager of community projects at EARTH, explains that one way the University contributes to local community development is by helping improve the competitiveness of the crops produced in the region.

“EARTH University will closely support each of these processes, sharing information and providing technical, business and human relations advice so that the results of this experience can provide important insight into the creation of public policies for the regional development of the country’s rural areas, ” says Campos.

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