EARTH alumni and professors selected for horticulture training in the Netherlands

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Date: September 27th, 2013

EARTH University congratulates two professors and two graduates who have been selected by NethWork (a group of 17 Dutch horticultural companies dedicated to sustainable development in Central America) to receive a three-week intensive training course in horticulture at the HAS University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, courtesy of the Dutch government and coordinated by the Office of International Academic Relations (RAI) at EARTH.

Graduates Juan Pablo Villalobos, Thomas Littleton and Professor Alex Pacheco receive recognition from Dutch Ambassador Mette Gonggrijp (center).

Professor of natural resource management Alex Pacheco and graduates Juan Pablo Villalobos (‘00, Costa Rica) and Thomas Littleton (‘00, Costa Rica) will form part of the first group of 10 horticultural experts from Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras who will complete the training in October 2013. Participants will convene to discuss solutions to urgent problems in the horticultural sector of Central America and ways to improve current business models.

The training course will be repeated in 2014. Tropical crops professor Humberto LeBlanc has been pre-selected to participate in next year´s training with another international group.

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