EARTH participates in the World Environmental Education Congress

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Date: July 1st, 2013

From June 7-15, EARTH University participated in the 7th World Environmental Education Congress in Morocco, represented by EARTH’s Environmental Manager, Manrique Arguedas.  Arguedas spoke during the Congress about EARTH’s experience in higher education in Latin America and about the Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions (REDIES), which is coordinated by EARTH.

During the conference, representatives of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) emphasized the important role that universities play in reinforcing environmental education and the need for Latin American institutions to work together in identifying sustainability indicators and preparing young leaders. To help achieve this goal, UNEP created the Global Universities Partnership for Environment and Sustainable Development (GUPES) of which REDIES has been a member since December 2012.

During the event, Arguedas and the representative of the Spanish University Network, Javier Benayas, met and discussed ways for universities to measure environmental conditions and impact, as well as the possibility of future collaboration between this network and REDIES.

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