EARTH University hosts biogas training for international decision makers

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Date: February 26th, 2013

From February 25-March 1, EARTH University’s Center for Research and Development of Renewable Energies (CIDER) will host a seminar on biogas energy generation on the University’s Guácimo campus. During the week, 22 representatives from financial institutions in El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica, will expand their knowledge of biogas through case studies, practical exercises and visits to biogas power plants.
The seminar is the third and final stage of biogas training that the representatives have received since November 2012 as part of a scholarship program funded by the German Society for Development and Investment (SDR), supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and coordinated by the Renewables Academy of Berlin (RENAC).

CIDER was created in November 2011 in order to expand the scope of renewable energies, and increase the number of professionals and technicians with expertise in the subject and the vision and ability to adapt these alternatives to Latin America.

“We have technology that covers virtually the entire field of renewable energy and this represents a great potential to make a significant contribution to the generation and dissemination of new knowledge in the field,” said EARTH University professor and REN@EARTH project coordinator, Bert Kohlmann.

Decision makers attending the seminar will learn at CIDER with some of the top equipment in the field, enabling them to better understand how different types of alternative energy work, measure the energy potential from different sources and design electrical power systems applicable to homes, communities, farms or businesses.

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