REDIES Forum 2012 encouraged institutions to take environmentally-friendly actions

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Date: October 18th, 2012

On October 4 and 5, the Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions (REDIES) launched the third edition of REDIES Forum 2012. One-hundred-and-fifty people participated in this event held on the National Learning Institute (INA)’s campus in La Uruca, San José, Costa Rica.

REDIES Forum’s main objectives were to identify the lessons learned in the past two years from the implementation of Law No. 8839 on waste management in its working model and to evaluate progress on carbon neutrality.

Event attendees included: Dr. Daisy Corrales, the Minister of Health; Dr. Olman Segura, Executive President of INA; Guillermo Aguilar, the Assistant Director of Applied Technology Research in Waste Management at National Environmental Research and Training Center (CENICA), Mexico; Manrique Arguedas, REDIES Coordinator and Environmental Manager at EARTH University, as well as other experts in the fields of waste management and carbon neutrality.

Arguedas said, “Through this third meeting, REDIES proposed to encourage more institutions to take joint action to build a more prosperous and just society based on sustainability,” adding that such meetings are a place for participants to exchange ideas and create new sustainable development opportunities.

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