PROMES Project culminates in business conference

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Date: October 3rd, 2012

On August 22, the PROMES Project (Promoting Sustainable Markets) and the Joint Social Welfare Institute (IMAS) held a joint business conference. The event took place at Hilton´s Double Tree Hotel in San José, Costa Rica. There, merchants met 28 small-business owners and producers from the country´s rural communities, all of whom have benefited from IMAS´ and PROMES´ consulting, training, and financial support.

“We have managed to raise the level of competition and understand market dynamics,” said Patricia Montero, owner of ITZIQUI, a business that crafts artisan goods from recycled materials.

Financed by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID) and managed by EARTH University, for the past four years, the PROMES Project has provided support for small businesses in marketing, agricultural production, strategic plans, and equipment donation. The August conference culminated the joint initiative.

“With this type of event, PROMES seeks to spark conversation between producers and merchants in order to create strategic alliances and thus distribute and place their products in the domestic market,” said Irmino Perera, director of PROMES.

“PROMES, over the years, has taken tangible actions, achieved extraordinary results, and gained committed companies, all of which have been key to our success. We thank the public institutions which have supported us, and for now providing supervision and support to the participating small-scale producers,” said Ivania Sanchez, PROMES´ technical representative.

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