EARTH University supports pilot project to address challenges in nearby community of Guácimo

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Date: May 2nd, 2012

On Wednesday, April 25, EARTH University together with local businesses, the Municipality of Guácimo and the Social Welfare Ministry inaugurated a pilot project in the neighboring town of Guácimo to provide jobs to single mothers as a way to ensure their children stay in school.

With high unemployment and a lack of opportunities, in recent years Guácimo has seen a significant increase in drug trafficking and crime.  This pilot project aims to reduce youth delinquency by providing 30 unemployed female heads-of-households with 20 hours of work per week beautifying public spaces and promoting recycling in the community.

“Through this initiative we are collaborating with at-risk and socially vulnerable women and their families to further their personal development and help them generate an income, while at the same time providing a social and environmental benefit to our county,” remarked Eduardo Ruiz from EARTH University who has coordinated with the different organizations to implement the project.

The project will be evaluated by EARTH and the other institutions involved in six-months in order to determine if it will be continued.