EARTH University pays homage to three of its founders

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Date: March 28th, 2012

This past Friday, March 23, EARTH University paid homage to three Costa Ricans who made EARTH a reality, with their leadership, vision and love. With a Lebanese dinner and a solemn ceremony, the Institution remembered the lives of Mr. Hernán Fonseca, Mr. Jorge Manuel Dengo, and Mr. Rodolfo Cortés, who passed away recently.

In the company of more than 120 people, including family members, EARTH Board members, donors, faculty, employees and friends of the University, three presentations reflected on the life of each founder. Complete with photographs, the presentations reminded all who were present of the legacy that Mr. Fonseca, Mr. Dengo and Mr. Cortés left to the Institution and the country.

As part of the event, EARTH offered a symbol of gratitude to the founders´ family members: a sculpture created by the Costa Rican expressive artist and sculptor, Magally Esquivel. With the idea of “planting seeds of change,” the sculpture illustrated the contributions that Mr. Fonseca, Mr. Dengo, and Mr. Cortés made to create an Institution that would offer opportunities for personal and professional growth to young leaders with the determination to transform the world.

These distinguished founders worked tirelessly to make a dream come true, the dream of EARTH: to prepare leaders with an environmental and social conscience to contribute to the development of more prosperous and just societies.

During the evening, EARTH´s president, Mr. José Zaglul, also invited attendees to remember Mr. Freddy Burgoa, a Board member who also passed away recently.

Without a doubt, the impact left by these important leaders on the University´s history will remain deep in our hearts.
Many thanks, dear gentlemen.