EARTH mourns the passing of one of its founding members

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Date: January 25th, 2012

EARTH is grieving the passing of a great friend and a person who significantly contributed to Institution’s mission of forming tomorrow’s leaders. On January 23, Mr. Jorge Manuel Dengo Obregón, founding member and former president of EARTH’s Board of Directors, passed away. He was 93.

During the first few years of the Institution, Mr. Dengo Obregón served as Costa Rica’s vice president, and also led EARTH University as interim president for a time period until Mr. José Zaglul, current president, was officially selected for the position.

Mr. Dengo led EARTH with great vision during its initial stages and was a man who stood out for his intelligence, nobility and humility.

Mr. Dengo’s universal vision, passion and humanity were a great source of inspiration for those who had the honor of knowing and working with him.

The Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff members, students, and alumni of EARTH will never forget his legacy.

Thank you Mr. Jorge Manuel Dengo!