EARTH certifies Ecuadorian businesses as Carbon Neutral

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Date: September 22nd, 2011

On September 2 and 5, Ecuadorian companies AGRITOP and AIFA, both dedicated to areal fumigation, along with Ecuador’s Environmental Department, or the Ministerio del Ambiente del Ecuador (MAE), became the first entities to be recognized with EARTH University’s carbon neutral certification.

The certification process began this year thanks to the technical support offered by Soluciones Ambientales Totales (SAMBITO), a private Ecuadorian company founded by two EARTH alumni.

SAMBITO’s participation proved EARTH’s close relationship with other countries and its adviser role allowed the creation of the Carbon Neutral Unit to develop emission inventory, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reductions and removals, in addition to the respective management systems.

Edmundo Castro, the Carbon Unit Coordinator, said “that granting these certifications give him a big sense of pride and motivation for the (Carbon) Unit. In addition, it shows the trust and credibility that organizations from other countries have on EARTH and its alumni.”

Certifying an Environmental Department in another country such as the Ministerio de Ambiente (MAE) also represents a big feat for the University. “We learned a great deal from (MAE), and it strengthens the respect we feel for the nation of Ecuador by allowing that its (Environmental) Department to receive its carbon neutral certification before any other (nations) in Latin America.”

Among the highlights during this certification process is the focus on environmental conscience that was emphasized by the chosen area for the study, the reforested Parámo region, which included native species of slow growth with the purpose of recapturing the local biodiversity.

Hoping to join the ranks of AGRITOP and AIFA, there are currently seven other firms in Ecuador in the process of being certified by EARTH University.