Semester Abroad

A student from Northwestern Michigan College enjoying a visit to EARTH.

Students have the option of spending an entire trimester at EARTH, where they will take classes with regular EARTH students and fully integrate into the EARTH community and student life. As a participant in our Trimester Program, you will:

  • Expand your global understanding and build your international experience
  • Gain practical experience in rural development, tropical agriculture and sustainability issues
  • Enjoy Costa Rica’s natural and cultural beauty
  • Be part of a multi-cultural student community committed to making a difference
  • Sharpen your Spanish

For 15 weeks you will join EARTH’s unique academic program, taking courses in the environmental sciences, organic agriculture, sustainability, community development and Latin American studies.
Please fill out the and submit your the application format least 3 months in advance of your desired trimester.

Trimesters begin the 2nd week of January, May, and September.
The costs of this program per trimester, for 2013, are:
Tuition $4820
Room and Board $1869
Administrative and student’s support services $643
Total $7332

These fees do not include airline tickets, ground transportation from airport -EARTH-airport, $28 airport exit tax, personal expenses, and international medical insurance (mandatory).

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“If I had heard about the university when I was younger, there is no doubt I would have attended for the full four years. At EARTH, in four years you graduate with enough classroom knowledge and field experience to enter into a multitude of professions right away. When I graduate from Colorado State University next year, I will need at least three years of work experience before I can consider starting my career.”

– Ive Eddy, Colorado State University, EARTH Winter semester 2010


“EARTH gave me a different perspective on agriculture, especially with its strong emphasis on sustainable practices and after seeing the realities of rural communities in Latin America.”

– Miguel Solis, Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, Mexico, EARTH Winter semester 2010

Contact us:
Pablo Ulloa Pé / (506) 2713-0155