EARTH accepts interns throughout the year, and internships are designed to be at least 4 weeks long. Students with specific field research projects or specialized areas of interest are welcome to conduct their research and expand their knowledge here at EARTH, under the supervision of a faculty member in their chosen field.

Interns may choose from the following areas of focus:

  • Tropical crops
  • Organic agriculture
  • Integrated livestock farming
  • Periurban agriculture

Program details The internship program is designed to be at least 4 weeks long.

EARTH interns gain a better understanding of alternative production systems, organic agriculture, and creative recycling systems through program features such as:

  • Help from project managers to develop and carry out a work plan designed to meet your needs
  • Interaction with field workers and students attending to daily field responsibilities
  • Discussion sessions based on assigned readings to better understand field experiences
  • Exposure to a closely knit international community that will help expand cultural understanding and celebrate cultural diversity

The monthly fee* for this program varies by the type of housing selected.

Room Meals Tuition(mentorship, supervision and student services) Total
A. Lodging at student dorms $210 $498 $759 $1467
B. Lodging at intern apartment $631 $498 $759 $1888

These monthly fees do not include airline tickets, ground transportation from airport -EARTH-airport, $28 airport exit tax, personal expenses, and international medical insurance (mandatory). It is possible to obtain academic credit depending on the requirements of your university. Additional costs for credit, transportation and materials can be provided upon request. An advanced level of Spanish is required. If you would like to improve your Spanish before enrolling as an intern, please consider our Multi-Cultural Spanish Learning Program.

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Contact us:
Sofía Montero Vargas / (506) 2713-0444